Things to do in Negril!

Naturally when traveling to a new destination you'll want to plan some activities around what might interest you. While Negril is a relatively small beach town, there is plenty of fun to explore. Of course this is also the perfect place to do absolutely nothing except soak up the sun, relax and enjoy the Caribbean sea. Here is a list of our top picks for things to do outside of chillaxing.

Cliff Diving

Take a short drive or a boat ride over to Ricks Cafe. While this is a very touristy thing to do, watching the sunset there or even watching the local Jamaican divers jump from way above the cliffs never seems to get old. And while you’re at it, why not go cliff diving yourself? There are a few different heights that you can jump from ranging from about 8 feet to about 35 feet.

Jamwest Adventure Park

This is a relatively new attraction but a very welcome one. It’s about a 30 minute drive from the town but there is plenty to do, from zip lining to ATV’ing. This is definitely one of my new favorite attractions to visit. The also have race car driving, a safari and a rock climbing wall. They also seem to be constantly expanding their services. 

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

A staple of Negril, you can’t miss the glass bottom boats up and down the strip. This makes for a nice day trip where you can see all the marine life right under your feet! Go snorkeling, or enjoy some lobster on “the island” (booby cay). You can also take a trip over to Ricks Cafe for the sunset or diving.

Paddle Boarding or Diving

If you love the water these are two activities that we offer right at Travellers. You can rent paddle boards or have on site diving instructors give you a master class in the pool before heading out to sea for a deeper dive. So be sure to check out the dive shop.

Booze Cruise

Always a good time, the booze cruise is a great way to turn up the vibes. Good drinks, music and entertainment make for a great time. These catamaran cruises typically party their way to ricks cafe or the caves for snorkeling and offer unlimited open bar.

Stroll the Seven-Mile Beach

Strolling the beach during the day is a great activity in itself. Of course be prepared to fend off a few peddlers, but once you get past that there are plenty of food stops and bars to check out. This is best done during the day. At night you’ll want to take a taxi to take you where you’re headed.

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