Negril Education Environment Trust

Negril Education Environment Trust (N.E.E.T.) is a non-profit organization based at Travellers Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica. In 2003 the organization was founded to address the country’s need for educational support and resources. Since its inception, NEET’s mission and vision have grown. Today, NEET is committed to strengthening the social fabric of Jamaica through programs that expand educational access for children and adults, partnerships that address our public and environmental health, and events and activities that celebrate Jamaica’s rich heritage.
Beach Cleanup


Through community based programs we impact the lives of thousands including students, teachers, parents and police officers. With programs such as our annual beach clean up, culture day, buy a brick build a library and our tablet program we are able to provide opportunities for those who otherwise would not be afforded them.


Our team at NEET (Negril Education Environment Trust) believes we fight crime by teaching positive behavior, providing access to academic resources and education and by providing access to health care programs through our medical mission partnerships. As we collaborate with our partners, we influence our communities toward healthier and higher standards of achievement.
Tree Planting
Founder Winston Wellington

Winston Wellington,

The patriarch, Winston Wellington lives by the creed, “service above self”. Born in 1941, in the hills of Mandeville in central Jamaica, he went on to found several business including Travellers Beach Resort. He’s dedicated his life to providing opportunities for others and education for children.

Get Involved

Guests often ask how they can help. Packing a backpack with school supplies always goes along way. We also have volunteer opportunities year round including at St. Anthony’s soup kitchen and in schools. 

Two Students Exchange Notes